The Great Launch

Hello Bloggy-world!  I am so excited to be writing my first post.  I first discovered teacher blogs a couple of years ago and instantly became hooked!  I got TONS of new ideas on every topic imaginable and always thought it would be neat to join the fun.  Fast forward a few years (boy, time flies!) and I said hello to the world of Teachers Pay Teachers.  Although my bank account may not have been thankful, my students and I certainly were!  I downloaded freebies and bought many (way too many!) products to use with my second grade kiddos.  I added many new blogs to my reading list and felt like I had made new friends in the process.  That's what really drew me to blogging about my own classroom.  The teacher blogging world is so friendly and helpful, I just knew I wanted to be part of it on this end.  So.... here I am!  I plan on sharing thoughts, ideas and freebies on many topics - from teaching ideas to technology, classroom management to life as a teacher.... Every day in the classroom is so different that you just never know what might happen!  Let the fun begin!

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