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Oh boy.  I saved my own shopping for the big Teachers Pay Teachers sale until tonight.  I've shopped twice already and I need to STOP!  Thank goodness everything I purchased is digital, because I would have a MAJOR hoarding problem . . . I promised myself I would only buy things I would really use from now until the end of the year . . . or if it was really cute clipart . . . or something I just HAD to have . . . you see my problem . . .
Oh well.  At least my kiddos appreciate cute clipart.  They are fond of looking at a new activity sheet, or Smartboard lesson and saying, "Oooohh.. that's so cute!"  (You have to have the adorable second grade slight lisp because all your teeth are not in .  . See?  much better...) 
We've been hard at work on our fishing theme these past two weeks.  It's a favorite of mine and we really played it up this year.  Not one, not two, but THREE writing pieces with a fishing theme.  All Common Core aligned - informational (how to catch a fish), narrative (a story about catching a unique fish) and opinion (is it fun to fish?).  Throw in a few ELA and math centers and an easy to create fishy glyph (of course, you have to add the catchy jingle for the fish sandwich from that fast food place!) - and you have my oh-so-fun fishing bundle!
There's so much in here I couldn't fit it on one slide.  Click on the picture above to go to the item in my TpT store and download the preview to see everything you get. 
And the best thing is, it's on sale through tomorrow (Thursday May 9) for 20% off - add the extra discount you get from TpT (code TAD13) through tonight and you can save even more!
And just to get you more excited, here's a picture of someone in my classroom who decided to go all out for this unit.  You can't write about fishing if you don't have the correct fishing vocabulary - and the best way to teach vocabulary is with the real thing!
Now, I'm not telling if this is me or not.  And I covered the face to protect the innocent... but I will say that my students were very impressed that I actually had my own fishing pole and tackle box!
Just in case you still need the link to Teachers Pay Teachers, here it is.  Everything is on sale until midnight tonight - and some stores have extended their sale!  Visit my store, then take a look at other great resources.  Have fun!
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