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I am so happy it is Friday!  This week really did go SO fast, and because of that I feel like I didn't really get done what I planned.  There's always next week though!  (and the week after that... and after that.... 7 more, to be exact... blah!)

I thought I would end this week by linking up with Farley and my very first "Currently."
First things first.. I love being able to keep the windows open through the evening now.  It still gets pretty cool at night, but it's nice to work and hear the sounds of the outside... and some 80's music.  I admit, I'm an 80s girl.  Give me some Journey or Def Leppard and I'm grooving it. (That might be more of a 70's term... I wouldn't know, because I'm an 80's girl.)

I am definitely loving the fact that it is light out so much longer.  It makes me feel not so guilty for staying at school and getting work done when I can come home and not feel like it's bedtime.  That leads to another issue though....

Since it's light out for so long now, I feel guilty putting on my pajamas when it's daylight.  I don't have people popping over every night for a drink and some hors d'oeuvres (had to look that up), so that's not the issue.  It just doesn't feel quite right...  which leads me to my next thought...

I really need new pajamas.  My niece and nephews gave me a pair of footie pajamas for Christmas.   I loved them.  Warm feetsies (new word)... hoodie... pure comfort.  I liked them so much I bought another pair myself.  Anyway... it was so nice to come home - when it was dark - and put on my footie pajamas and do some work.  Not now.  Not only is it now too LIGHT to put on pajamas when I come home, but it is too warm. 

I'm thinking I need new pajamas to come home to.  Any suggestions?

Although I am needing new pajamas... I am also needing another day this weekend.  Tomorrow is a "work day" (school, TpT, etc...) and Sunday is a family event all day and evening.  That leaves me no time to relax... eat ice cream, read trashy magazines and enjoy the day.  Just one more day would be perfect.

I can look forward to many of those days, though, this summer.  I have a TON of new books on my Kindle (I upgraded to the paperwhite one at Christmas and I love it.  Much better for reading outside.)  I find I don't read anything that is not school related for most of the school year.  I am not one of those people who can read for 10 minutes, then put the book down and come back later.  I need time devoted to reading.  (Those little 10 minute times are better devoted to Words or Scramble With Friends... or mini-golf, which is what I have been playing a lot on my phone lately.)

I'm also looking forward to beach time with friends, and going fishing.  Not real "get out the waders and let's hook a big one!" kind of fishing... just sitting on the dock, or in the boat on the lake and fishing for fun.  It's very relaxing.  Maybe it would be even better in my footie pajamas....

Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. My daughter is wearing pink spring jammies with frogs on them. Maybe you can find some in your size. :)

  2. I love the fact that it's light out longer as well. It definitely feels like I get out of school earlier even if it is 6:00 by the time I leave! :)

    The REAL Teachers of Orange County

  3. Stopping by from Farley's Currently! Oh, how I love some Def Leppard too! Our weather has been wacky! I wish it really would warm up, but it just doesn't want to! Enjoy it!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  4. Found you through the TPT forum AND Currenlty. Then I saw that you left a comment on my blog!!!! I have to admit, as soon as I get home from work I change into my pjs.!!!!

    I am your newest follower!!!


  5. Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is adorable! I'm your newest follower.


    Today, in Second Grade

  6. I'm thinking of upgrading to the Paperwhite. I have the Kindle Keyboard. I love to read too...and I have trouble putting a book down. So I totally get that you need TIME.

    I'm following you now...#20! :)

    Read With Me ABC


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