Making a Difference

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to everyone!  It's nice to have a day (or a week!) to celebrate all that we do.  I have gotten a couple very nice notes from parents thanking me for all I do for their child.  I looked around my room today as my students were working, and thought once again how lucky I am to be doing something I absolutely love. 

I remember quite a few years back, I was helping to interview candidates for a teaching position at our school.  This young woman, pretty much straight out of college, with more enthusiasm and excitement than I had seen in a while, was asked to tell how she decided to become a teacher.  I will never forget her response.

She spoke of a "teaching gene," that is some people's blood.  You are born with it.  Teaching is all you have wanted to do.  And you've never considered anything else.  Teaching comes natural to these wonderful and amazing people.  The classroom is like a second home - it is where you feel most comfortable and where you know you are meant to be.

That really stuck with me.  I do have that teaching gene.  I could not imagine going to work every day and doing anything else.  I don't need a special day to know that what I do makes a difference - although it is nice to hear it once in a while! 

I'd like to share a story - familiar to many of you - that to me, really expresses what being a teacher means.

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