Science Day

Wow - I think Mother Nature is a little confused right now here in New England!  Last week it was almost 90 degrees and humid and this weekend it has been around 50 with wind and rain!  So much for the "unofficial kick-off to summer!"

Less than 20 days for my kiddos and we're getting ready to begin the countdown!  This past week we had our annual "Science Day" - students from our high school come down and - along with some help from volunteers! -  plan, develop and share science experiments with all our students.  It's a great day!

My seconds got to experience many different science concepts in an engaging and easy to understand way. 


It really was a great day!  After the "scientists" left, we did a quick reflection paper about we had learned.  I'm sharing it below, if you'd like a copy.
I also wanted to share a great site I found for doing easy but spectacular science experiments with kids.  It's from Science Bob.  Here's a sample video of making a lava lamp:

How cool is that!  I used to have a lava lamp.  I thought it was the greatest thing, too.   And I had one when they FIRST came out in the 70's... not when everything went retro in the last few years.  Oh the memories!

Oh good grief - now it is sunny, windy and raining all at once!  I certainly hope you all are having better weather than I am!  Oh - and don't forget that the wonderful teachers at TpT have put together some amazing bundles for sale to help the teachers affected by the tornadoes in Moore, OK.  Click on the link below to go to one of the bundles.
And don't forget to visit my store on Monday - I'm having a sale and donating all my profits that day to the Red Cross. 

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  1. Those science experiments look so fun! If I didn't live so far from you, I'd want to be in your class :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I loved your take on reading fluency. The fluency strips that you mentioned sound really great! I am hoping to try Daily 5 in my room next year and those would be a perfect addition to the fluency portion. I will be watching your store to see when they come out so I can snatch them up!

  2. Love the LAVA lamp video. These are such great experiments. I know your kids loved it when the older kids came down to help. We are your newest followers.

    Kristy and Misty


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