Summer freebies to get you through

Only 16 more days left for me!  I know there are still some of you still in school (and those of you going year round!), so I thought I'd put together a fun linky to get you through the final days.

I'm starting with a little something from me . . . "Find-a-Friend" activities are a great way to keep kids moving and engaged in those final days of school.  I use them as a morning meeting activity, or a quick filler when we have a few minutes.  All you do is make enough copies for everyone in your class.  Students walk around the room and find someone (preferably a different person each time) who can say yes to one of the statements.  Then they write that person's name in the box. 
After everyone has filled their boxes (or after a set time), I like to call everyone together and do a "Stand Up/Sit Down."  I call out each statement and say something like, "Stand up if you have built a sandcastle." (Or whichever box I'm doing.)  Sometimes I get silly and say "Quack like a duck if you . . ." or "Jump up and down three times if you . . ."  It just depends on my mood.  And their mood.  Mostly their mood.  And how hot it is, of course.

You can download your freebie by clicking on the image below.
Looking for more fun freebies?  Check out the links below.  (Hopefully, there ARE links below when you read this.  If not, I apologize for the letdown.  You might want to check back later.  My blog is pretty small right now.  I'm hoping at least a few people know I'm here and can help those of us still counting down the days!)
Do you have a fun freebie with a summer or end-of-year theme you'd like to share? 
Link up with me!
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  2. Hi Lisa! Great freebie idea! I just found your blog through the TpT forum, I'm your newest follower!

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