September Currently

Ok, I'm a little late... but with the 3-day weekend, I can be forgiven.  I'm linking up with Farley once again for this month's Currently.
Yes, that's right.... I've been listening to quite a bit of noise all weekend around here... and it is NOT from my house... as a matter of fact, I can't figure out where it is coming from.  Someone is obviously clearing trees up through the back wooded area of my house, but I have no idea who - or what they are doing.  All I know is it's a good thing I've had the windows closed with the air on all weekend... maybe in the fall when the leaves come down I'll be surprised with new neighbors looking right onto my deck!
Yes, it's been really muggy and blechy around here this weekend.  We haven't had a hot day yet in August and Mother Nature decided the first 3 days of school would be the best time to crank up the humidity!  Blahhhh.... I'm ready to start wearing my fall boots and sweaters, but instead I have to find the least amount of clothing that is the most appropriate :-)
I've pretty much laminated and printed myself out of house and home this past week.  Even though I save things from year to year, I still always find more to create!  Lately I've been "re-creating" activities and sheets from past years to make them look better.  Do you find yourself doing that?  Adding different clipart, borders, etc?  Very time consuming... but it makes me happy!  I also bought one of these babies . . .
It's called a Xyron and it puts a layer of sticky (or magnetic paper) on the back of whatever you put through it.  It seemed like a very useful thing at the time, but all I've thought to do with it so far is stick the "safety drill" cheat sheet to the back of my badge.  Anyone else have one?  What creative things do you do with it?
My 3 things for myself re pretty self-explanatory.  I read ALL.THE.TIME over the summer, but once school starts, I never have the time.  So I'm going to really try to get at least on books read this month.  (And since I usually read a book in a day or two, that seems reasonable!)  Do you find time to read during the school year - and not "school" books?  How do you do it?
Ok, I'm off to make sure everything is together for tomorrow.  Second grade is giving their first homework of the year this week.  My kiddos were so excited on Friday when I told them.  Go figure.  Something tells me that feeling won't last!


  1. minus what you are listening to, your currently could have been mine. How funny!

    I love laminating! :)

    Enjoyed your currently!
    terrinZ 397

  2. I found your blog through the linky and happy to say that I am your newest follower. I am also a second grade teacher. I enjoyed reading your currently. I could use one of those Xyron machines. I make little magnets to hand out at or open house every year, but I just stick a magnet on the back. That machine would probably make it a lot smoother looking. I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog if you get a chance {us 2nd grade teachers need to stick together - ha}! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to read more post.



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