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Happy Sunday!  Two blog posts within 3 days - that's a record for me!  Do you do much for Fire Prevention Week with your kiddos?  Our local fire department usually comes and does an assembly, then the kids get to go outside and see the trucks and climb through an ambulance.  Aside from reading a couple books about fire safety, that's usually all I do...

This year, things are different though - I have TWICE as many boys as girls in my class.  Yes, that is correct.. and thank you for your concern....  a class of boys is veeeerrryyyy different than a class of girls, or both boys and girls in equal amounts.  That means not only do I go home super tired everyday... but I have become more interested and knowledgeable about things like race cars, superheroes, tractors (we're a farming community) and of course, fire trucks.  So it looks like we'll be doing a lot more on fire safety this next week.  Hold on tight because this post is jam packed with ideas, freebies, books, songs and even some technology for you to use to help teach your little ones how to be safe in a fire. 

For starters, we'll definitely be using my Firefighter Fun bundle of activities.  I included printables, centers and whole class activities with a firefighter theme.  Take a look at the preview to see what's inside

There are activities to cover ELA and math.  Everything is common core connected.  (I just made that up.  I like it!)  The activities are available at my TPT store.  Just click on one of the images above to hop on over.

I'm sharing the word search from the packet for free!  Click on the image below to download your copy from google docs.

I also found these other cute freebies with a fire safety theme, too.  These are a set of "What if" cards that are perfect for my morning meeting or closing circle.  They are a great way to get some practice in with the speaking and listening standards of the common core.
Moving on to more fun... I love to use music and movement with my students - and with all those boys, movement is a MUST!  Here's a fun song to sing to remind students about fire safety practices.  I'm thinking we'll use it for our morning song/poem this week and focus on rhythm and beat (common core again!)  It's from an old Mailbox magazine edition - click on the fire dog to check it out. (update Oct. 2014 - link no longer works)
That covers the music - now here's the movement! 
This is a snappy song that reminds kids they need to get outside and stay outside!  Kind of catchy, I think.
The next one is some Madagascar fun!  I'm still singing this one as I type this post
(Forgive the graininess of the image... for some reason Blogger isn't letting me upload youtube videos so I have to do a snip and link.)

Ok, this one is my most favorite.  I'm excited I found it because I am definitely going to show this one.  It was put out by All State Insurance a while ago... our fire department showed it every year for about 5 years running (or more?).... you will LOVE Mr. See More Smoke Detector.... can you identify the other voices?  (You'll have to be a little "wise ad experienced" to know all these guys....!)

Let's finish our fire safety fun with some fun apps an games good for the computer, smartboard or ipad.  First up, a great website filled with activities, games and more... all with a fire safety theme

Looking for some Smartboard fun?  This site has an interactive "fire drill" so you can help Mikey get out of the house safely... along with other facts, games and activities perfect for the interactive whiteboard.  Many of the games can be played on the computer, as well.

I just may use this interactive ebook during Listen to reading this week.  Sparky's Birthday surprise provides a fun way t practice safety skills and meet Sparky, too!  The app is available for free at the iTunes app store.

Whew!  Just a few more ideas - reading to my students is a very favorite activity of mine, so here are a few fire safety books that I enjoy:

and some nonfiction, too, of course!  Here's a link to a Scholastic News edition on fire safety - ready for the interactive whiteboard or projector.  I can see us doing a double bubble and writing about how fire fighting has changed through the years... (which is safer, now or then and why?)
Whew!  That was longer than I planned!  I hope you found some helpful resources to use this week with your students.  Bring on the fire trucks!


  1. Hi Lisa. I am your newest follower! I, too, am a 2nd grade teacher. I think your blog is adorable. It always impresses me with how often some of you teachers are able to make posts! I look forward going through your blog and learning more about what you do in 2nd grade!

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