My attempt at visual plans.. and some BOO Stew

Hi there!  This week is shaping up to be all kinds of crazy.  We have parent conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday, which means two early closing days... then Halloween on Thursday... then the day AFTER Halloween on Friday... yep, need to keep it simple this week!

I thought I would jump on the visual plans bandwagon this week... but rather than give you a day-by-day breakdown of what I'm doing, I decided to just share the resources I'll be using, along with a brief comment about each one.  Here goes! (Remember to click the picture so you can download the file and get the clickable links.)

- What better book to work with for Halloween than Stellaluna.  I LOVE this unit by Linda Kamp.  It's full of really good reading activities focusing on character traits, response to challenges, point of view... everything Common Core related.  We'll do this during my main reading time this week and do Daily 5 during our FIT (intervention) time.  I'll finish up next week with small groups doing the summary part.
- My kiddos always need practice with fluency and this Halloween themed set of cards will be one way we do that this week.  I'm also going to use a poem from "You Read to me and I'll Read to You" about witches.  It's a partner poem perfect for practicing fluency and expression.

- This week we'll review long and short vowel spelling.  I still have kiddos spelling "make" as "mack" so we definitely need some continued practice.  I have used the card sets for each of the vowels so far, so this week I'll use the mixed practice for one day.

- This will be a great way to introduce informative writing.  Once everyone has made their monsters, we'll complete the graphic organizer and then do some writing.  We're going to do another informative piece in a few weeks, so this will be a good start.

Only two real days of math this week - we miss that period with the early closings on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Monday we'll make the pumpkin glyph, then I'm going to hang them up in a "gallery" in the room and do some morning sign in activities with them.  We've already done the "Halloween Move It" a couple times and my boys (all 12 of them!) love it!  They like seeing how fast they can solve the problems and beat their time.  The pumpkin "Watch, Think, Color" will be a good way to see what they really know about place value before we start that in a couple of weeks.

That seems like plenty!  We are probably the only school in our little state who still does a full-out Halloween costume parade at school.  Kids bring their costumes, change at school and then the whole school parades in front of the building for families and staff.  It really is a lot of fun.

If you're looking for something else to do for Halloween this week, check out my newly released "BOO Stew" set of activities. 

There are sets of differentiated cards perfect for lower and upper elementary.  Each activity can be completed in a variety of ways so you can make it just right for your guys.  Click on the images to go to my TpT store to find out more. 
You can take a look at more visual plan (a LOT more detailed than mine!) by clicking on the link below - have fun!


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