Five for Friday - on time!

I did it!  I actually got a Five for Friday post done to link up with Doodlebugs ON Friday!
Wonders never cease!  Only four days this week - and one of them was a curriculum day, so it wasn't a full week of activities.  Here's a peeky at my weeky!
Owls, owls, owls!  We spent the week researching the answer to the questions: "What makes an owl a good hunter?"  We read books, visited websites, looked at a stuffed owl (real one!) and just generally immersed ourselves in all things owl.  Here are some of the books we used.
I absolutely LOVE Owl babies, by Martin Waddell.  It is so simple, yet we really got into a close reading discussing the character traits of the 3 baby owls, point of view.... then we talked about expression, tone and phrasing as we read and reread the story for fluency.  My kiddos divided into groups of 4 and each one took a part to read.  They loved it!

After we researched information and took notes, everyone worked to write an informative paragraph about owls as hunters.


I was impressed with how much they learned!
Thanksgiving is fast approaching our wonderful art teacher has begun her yearly turkey craft brigade!  She hates to do the same thing twice, but we convinced her they were just so darn cute last year that she HAD to do them this year.  Soooo adorable and easy-peasy!
and not to be outdone.... here's a picture my brother-in-law sent me
Yes, they are real.  And I was assured no harm was rendered to the turkeys during their dye job.  You just never know what you're going to see....
Today was a professional day for my grade level team to work on curriculum.  My curriculum director shared two videos from the TC Reading and Writing Project.  One was on close reading and the other was about text complexity.  I have to say - they were very helpful and the text complexity one really clarified some of my misconceptions.  I also discovered Achieve the Core - a great resource for model lessons and ideas.  I'm working on getting the links for the videos.  I'll post them as soon as I have them!
Everyone who knows my classroom knows I LOVE brain breaks of all kinds.  We do everything from yoga, to energizers, to dance videos.  Here's our new favorite by Koo Koo Kangaroo
You will definitely dance around to this one.  We know ALL the words.  These guys have other great videos, too.  Check them out!  Here's the link to my old post filled with other brain break videos.
And now... number five... although I could have put this at number one as far as occupying my thoughts all week... what do you think...
does she look preggers???!!!  That's right people, after a whole lot of google research, I am pretty convinced that this little fishy is expecting!  We have four fish on our classroom tank.... and now it looks like we'll have more - MANY more.... and I'm actually a little concerned that ANOTHER one is one the baby train, too .... this is what happens when the lady at the pet shop is not able to tell if the fish are boys or girls....
Has anyone out there ever had a pregnant tropical fish?  What now??  I bought a fry tank, fry food (the babies are called "fry" for those of you who may not have the knowledge I have now).... if I just "let nature take its course" she'll eat the babies, as will the other fish in the tank.... not good if my little 7-year olds are watching.... but if I keep them separate, then I'm going to have a billion little fishies to take care of and that was NOT in the plan....
stay tuned....


  1. I absolutely adore the PB and J brain break. I bet your kids love rockin out with their teacher. Mine would think I'd flipped my lid or something. ;-) Thanks so much for sharing. Great stuff!
    Carla @ <a href=">Comprehension Connection</a>

  2. What a great week! I love the picture of the colorful turkeys. Where do people get these ideas? Hehe. We recently learned about owls too; such a great topic!

    Happy Saturday!

    Primarily Speaking


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