3 More Days - Ho! Ho! Ho!

Well people, we are down to just 3 days before the holiday break.  Today was a snow day for us, so that certainly made my week a little shorter.  You would think I would have used today constructively - wrapped presents (that means I would have to have bought them all!), did some shopping, cleaned house.... yes, you would think that, but instead...this is how I spent most of the day
No, that is not me.... I did not spend my day in my jammies just to have the picture posted for all the world to see... but those ARE the jammies I have on, and boy are they comfortable!  Sooooo soft and cozy... I originally ordered them for my niece for her birthday, but when I felt them I just had to have a pair for myself...(link to Amazon by clicking the picture).  And no... I did not wrap anything, clean anything or cook anything today.... clearly, I must have done something because it is late afternoon already, I'm not quite sure what though....
Anyway.... I was thinking that if you are like me and still have a few days left with your kiddos, you might be looking for ideas.  I thought I'd pass on what I'll be doing in my room, just in case you get inspired.  My many years if teaching (and yes, there have been many) have taught me that sometimes you just have to roll with it - and the week before Christmas is definitely a rolling week!
I created this little word work activity for spelling this week.  You can use it with any set of words - skills, sight words or holiday words.  Click on the image to download.
I will also be using my Christmas Fix-It freebie during writing on Thursday

On Friday, all three second grade classes are mixing it up and doing "Reindeer Games" for the morning.  Honestly, it's not just games, but that name sounded catchy so we went with it.  We'll have 3 activities for them to rotate through
I will be making reindeer food (focusing on following directions and then a quick writing).  I know there are a million directions for how to make this, but here's a simple one if you're looking
Another group will be doing find and tally math activity
and the third group will be doing a fluency activity

That will pretty much take care of the morning.  In the afternoon, my class will go outside and decorate our Night Tree.  Do you know this story?
It's the story of a family who goes out each Christmas Eve and decorates a tree for the wildlife.  I have done this with my class for over 15 years now - and we use the same tree every year.  It's so neat to go up that day and see the strings and little bits of fluff left from last year's group.  My students have a family homework project this week to make a few ornaments that can be hung on our Night Tree - pinecones with peanut butter and birdseed, string popcorn or cereal, etc.  I found this great recipe for a new twist on the edible ornaments
After we decorate the tree, we'll come back in and have hot chocolate (just like in the story) and some cookies.  I'm going to prepare the hot chocolate the night before and warm it up in crock pots that afternoon.  Here's the recipe I'm using (this one doesn't seem to separate like the regular mixes do after it's been sitting a while)

And that, my friends, will be it!  After our snack we'll read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Jan Brett version), pack up our things and head on out to the buses for two weeks off!  Oh that seems like SUCH a long time not to be in school.  Coming back in January is going to be like the first day of school all over again!  Enjoy your week!

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