RACK for Sandy Hook

As you go about your errands and sports games and shopping this weekend, take a moment to remember the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school.  I teach in CT, about an hour and a half from Newtown, so the events of that day hit home especially hard for the teachers and students at our school.  The families of Newtown have been so courageous and inspiring in their actions, and their hope is that people everywhere will bring more kindness into the world.
This week, my students have worked hard to do random acts of kindness during their school day.  Their homework next week includes a menu of choices for doing random acts of kindness at home - all from ideas they brainstormed themselves.  I have been doing one "RACK" each day myself(working toward 26) and I have loved to see the smile on people's faces.
Join me today - next week, and beyond - to work to add just a little more kindness to the world. Celebrate the lives of the 6 adults and 20 children who never made it home to their families that day.  Let something good come out of such an unspeakable tragedy.

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