"Snow" much fun!

Is everyone out from under all the snow and ice yet?  We had an early dismissal today due to this
That's the view from my classroom.  We didn't end up getting a lot of snow, but we had a delayed opening yesterday, an early dismissal today and we may possibly have a delay tomorrow.  Ugh - three half days in one week.  That makes it very hard to get things done.
Fortunately though, we did have a chance this morning to play "Holiday 4-Corners" for our morning meeting activity.  If you've never played 4 Corners before, the directions are simple.  Each corner has a number (or a cardinal direction, like north, south, etc. if you want).  One person closes their eyes and counts to 10 while the others quietly go to one of the corners.  The person who counted keeps their eyes closed and calls a corner - everyone in that corner is out.  The last person left is the winner.
This is one of the first games I introduce to them at the beginning of the year and it's a favorite - especially around the holidays when we change things up.  For Thanksgiving, we renamed the corners, "turkey, mashed potatoes, pie and stuffing."  They loved it and begged me to do one for Christmas.  Sooooo... here it is!
Now, I ask you - why can't I just anything simple?  I could have just made 4 easy pages, one for each corner, and called it a day.  Nope, instead, I do 10 different words, add borders, a cover page and directions... my team members think I am nuts.  But, you get to benefit from it, so enjoy!  We switch the words each week.  You can grab it to use in your own classroom by clicking on the image to download. (update:  click on the link under the picture to download it.)
I also wanted to share my students' new favorite brain break.  I LOVE this one - it's so much fun!
I finally got around to putting all our brain breaks on one Notebook slide for the Smartboard.  I was originally going to them through my pinterest board and that was getting a little cumbersome.  This is sooooo much easier - now we just choose a title and click the link to go to that video. 
I hope you enjoy these holiday cheer activities.  I know my kiddos need SOMETHING during our day to get that Christmas energy out.  Have fun! ~ Lisa

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  1. Girl, we are working on our 4th "complete" snow day tomorrow! This whole week is shot! I can't believe all the things I need to get done with them next week!
    Karen Rowland
    Adventures With Firsties



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