Time to think spring!

Happy Saturday!  Remember (THIS)?
Well, now it looks like this
and it feels like THIS
I'm ready for some of this
So I'm hoping for him!
Yes, it has been a long cold winter, so any hint of an appearance from this little guy will keep us all going through the next six weeks.  My kiddos have been fascinated this year by anything related to animals (it's part of being in second grade), so I'm capitalizing on their interests with some groundhog activities next week.  I don't usually do a whole lot with Groundhog Day, but this group is different from my usual years, so I have to change things up.
We'll be using my "Great Groundhogs!" nonfiction mini-unit to practice some main idea, both during reading and writing.

There are 6 full-color informational cards packed with information about the little furry fellow - plus an optional Q code activity. We'll be using the main idea activities, but there are also other ideas - answering 5 W questions, locating details, informational writing...

I found this cute video all about groundhogs that is perfect to start us out.  My plan is to create a set of questions that can be answered by watching and listening to the video.  I'm going to give students 2 or 3 of the questions, which they will be responsible for listening for the answers.  After the video, we'll share our answers so everyone has all the facts.  This will be a great way to work on some listening standards from the CCSS.
During our writing time, we'll continue with the focus on nonfiction (main idea and details) and write about groundhogs.  I have an old Scholastic News that is perfect for this.  We'll read the article, take notes and write a couple paragraphs about what we learned. 
(from my Great Groundhogs! unit)
I'm planning on using these guys as a writing "topper" for our finished work.  Easy-peasy - just cut out a heart shape for the head!

We'll also use this cute groundhog song to practice fluency and phrasing.  Our whole second grade morning meeting is this Friday so maybe we can divide the classes in half and each sing one part.
And, because my class is so obsessed with BUMP games for math, I just had to create one with a groundhog theme!
There are 3 different versions - making 10 with a ten-sided dice, making 20 with two 6-sided dice, and making 20 with two 10-sided dice.  You can grab them for your classroom by clicking on the image above.
I certainly hope Mr. Groundhog sees his shadow and I can start to pull out some of my spring activities soon!  I know we've still got a while no matter what, but a little promise of spring would be great right about now!

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  1. Thank you for this great post! I love Groundhog Day, but it has snuck up on me a bit this year. I am sure my children will love the Bump games. I have added the video to my groundhog web sites for my students to visit this week, and I have added your Great Groundhogs to my cart! Thanks :) You have just made my groundhog planning easy! Have a fantastic weekend and I'm wishing for Spring right along with you!


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