Husky fever and a confession...

What a game!  Who would have thought that UCONN would be one of the two teams still standing in the tournament?  (And yes, that is the OLD Husky logo... I do not like the new one.)  Now it's time to take on the Wildcats and see who gets to call themselves champions!  This CT girl and UCONN alum will be rooting for the dogs tomorrow night!
(And of course, the women tonight!)
Ok, back to business.  I have a confession to make.  It's a dirty little secret that I have finally decided to own up to.  Hey - they say the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?  My confession has to do with this:

I do not like putting up bulletin boards.
Don't judge me. 
Now to be fair, I used to LOVE putting up bulletin boards.  I would have beautifully creative boards every month or 6 weeks that would make you drool and made the teachers on my floor annoyed.  Really.  You've got to believe me.
But... somehow... after 20+ years of teaching... the thrill is not there anymore. 
Now - it's a chore.  One that I obviously put off and procrastinate and do NOT like to do.  Here's another example of my shame.

And this one is in the HALLWAY, people!  What is wrong with it, you ask?  It is filled with WINTER writing.  And it is SPRING now.  (I think... unless we have snowstorm or something this week, which is entirely possible given the moodiness of Mother Nature this year.) 
Honestly, I am surprised my teammates have not risen up and rebelled and ripped it all down and replaced it with something springy themselves.  (Which would be fine with me, just in case anyone I teach with is reading this...)
Here's a picture of my teammate's board in her room by her door - just recently done. Can't have any outdated displays in there.
I'm not sure what happened to get to this point.  I have tons of cute and colorful borders that match with any theme.  I have a billion and one letters, neatly organized in bags - and a Silhouette Cameo at home on which I can (and have!) made letters.  My students do all sorts of cute and creative things to show their learning - any one of them would be  perfect on display. 
I had high hopes for that yellow board in my room.  We have been neck-deep in character traits these past few weeks - character traits, how characters change, how they respond to challenges... (Can you say CCSS?)  My plan was to put up a variety of character traits and their definitions and then add pictures of the characters as we went along.  Didn't happen, as you can see.
 I have already decided that the yellow board will not be used as a bulletin board next year.  I'm going to move my word wall to there.  It is over the sink (a real pain to get to anyway) and it would be the perfect spot for the word wall.  That would free up the space in the front of my room (where the word wall is now) to be used to display anchor charts, teaching posters, etc. - and I have NO room for that now.
So what do I do?  Is there a support group you can suggest that I join?  A 12-step program?  Maybe I should just ask if I can pay my teammates in baked goods if they put up all my boards next year....  Oh joy. 
So how do you feel about bulletin boards?  There must be someone out there who can relate to this.
And just so you don't think I'm completely hopeless - here are the boards now:

That spring one should last me through the beginning of June.... the other one will have to be changed in a few days when the balloons deflate.  Not the best choice.

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