Low Tech Classroom and a High(er) Tech Freebie

Hi there!  6 weeks to go!  Holy guacamole! (as Mr. Skippyjon Jones would say... we are reading all his books this week.. time to get my Spanish accent on...)  I met with my teammates this morning and we planned out when we are doing assessments, end of year benchmarks, added in field trips and Field Day, assemblies.... the end is coming fast!

Unfortunately, the end for my Smartboard is also upon us.  Not really the board, but the projector.  It died.  Stopped working.  Gave up.  Completely shut off in mid-lesson and started making crackling noises when I tried to plug it in again.  (which, of course I did about fifty times because there was NO WAY I was going to believe it really didn't work!).  But it doesn't.

So I had to go old-school.  I now have a rolling whiteboard in the front of my room, with an assortment of dry erase markers - pretty colors, but they don't erase really well.  And I HAVE to be able to erase because even though I can live without the interactive part of the Smartboard (or at least, deal with it) .... not having the projector and board means I have nowhere to WRITE anything... and certainly nowhere to keep it after I use it.  I have gone through almost a full pad of chart paper already and there is no end in sight.  How does everyone else do it? 

Hopefully the projector will be fixed before school gets out and life will go back to normal.  In the meantime, though, I'm going through withdrawl.  We are right in the middle of reviewing spelling plurals - change the y to i, change the f to v, add es, and so on..... and I have a FANTASTIC Smartboard unit to go with it - with companion student sheets, too... which I cannot use.

I decided that since I can't use it, maybe someone else can.  You can download the file by clicking on the image below.
(It's a zip file so be sure you have a program to unzip it.)
This file will only work with SMART Notebook software.

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Don't forget to use the promo code when you check out - I always forget at least once when I shop the sales!  (Yes, I shop more than once... way more than once...)
Ok, I'm off to make a chart for comparing the folktales we are doing this week.  And one for plural spellings... and one for 3-digit subtraction with regrouping.... sigh....


  1. I had my projector go out and it took a whole month for my IT person to get it back. It was awful so I feel your pain right now!!! I hope yours gets fixed quickly!

  2. What a great freebie! I will have to download it at school! Thanks for sharing! Our bulbs go out occasionally but we luckily have never had that happen! Good luck!

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