A Triple Scoop of Second Grade

Well everyone, the time is finally upon us.  The bad news is, there are two weeks until I go back to school and it is time to get myself moving.  My head is filled with school-related ideas, my to-do list is overflowing and the back-to-school dreams have started.  The good news is, I am waiting until after this weekend to really get started on everything, so I still feel like it's summer.... sort of..

Anyway, since I STILL have pretty much NO pictures to share from this week (summer will do that to you), I was kind of at a loss at what to post.  Thanks to Brenda over at Primary Inspired for allowing me to link up with a great group of second grade bloggers and join the "Triple Scoop of Second Grade" party.

I LOOOVE teaching second grade.  I spent a while looping from second to third grade, and while I enjoyed having the same kiddos for two years and forming very strong, second grade is really my fave.  The skills, the growth, the kids.... sigh... definitely the place I like most.  I'm back doing just straight second grade now, and I'm excited to share some great second grade products with you.  Here we go! (and I apologize ahead of time for lack of "actual use" pictures... still on summer break, you know!)

My first scoop is all my clip chart designs. ("ALL" means 3... But it sounds better.)

I have used a clip chart for the past few years and it's been ok.  This year I'm going with something new that better fits our school wide behavior expectations.  The great thing about these clip charts are they are EDITABLE - yep, you can change the wording to whatever you use in your classroom.  And each set includes the clip chart recording sheets - perfect for keeping track of student behavior.  (You can purchase just the recording sheets separately, too.). I found the recording sheets to be a huge help when I have to keep data on certain kids.

Scoop #2 is something I just created this summer based on a TON of notes from last school year.

My grade level focused a LOT on characters and character traits last year.  I found I was always looking for just the right graphic organizer to use with a text, but the ones I wanted were usually in a set with a bunch I didn't need.  Sooo... I created a full set of organizer response sheets just for character traits.

The set includes response sheets for character traits, response to challenges, comparing characters, etc.   AND I added a copy of each organizer that could be used as a partner, small group or just quick response.  They are the same skills, but with spots to put sticky notes.  Just slip the page into a sheet protector, hand out the sticky notes and send them off!  Saves paper, fun to write on sticky notes and easy to store - I copied 10 of each if my most used ones, put them in sheet protectors and created a binder.  All I had to do was grab and go - no more running to the copier!  You can do the same thing with the regular sheets - just use a wipe off marker to write on them.  I also put in some written response sheets based on character traits, as well as a craft you can use to describe any character.

Finally, I am sooooo excited to use this next resource created by Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade.

It seems like every year my teammates and I are complaining about our spelling program.  We love the skills and sequence we created, but it seems like we're always looking for more activities to go with them, ideas of assessments, etc.  Denise has solved my problem in a BIG way!  This resource is so filled with ideas, lists, assessments, activities... there's no way I could explain everything.  Click on the image to visit her blog where she explains it all in great detail.  This is definitely a resource I know I'll get a TON of use out of!

That's it!  You got to the end of the triple scoop post here with me - now click the image below and take a few minutes to see what some other second grade bloggers are sharing.

I'm planning on spending all of next week getting things ready for the year, so stay tuned for some pictures and posts filled with ideas!
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