Blast off for Back to School! Tips for a Super Sale

Are you ready?  The BIG Teachers Pay Teachers sale starts tomorrow!  I have to admit, I am  not much in the back to school mode yet.  We don't go back for another three weeks, and as much as I would like to completely hide myself from all the back to school craziness, that just ain't gonna happen, folks... I mean, have you been on Facebook lately?  Or bloglovin? Or instagram?  (Don't I just sound like the social media butterfly...)

But, TpT has decided NOW is the time, sooooo... get yourself ready!
(Thanks to Kimberly over at The Learning Tree for this perfect graphic!)

My entire store will be 20% off for the two days, and when you use the promo code, you get ANOTHER 10% off!! (And don't be like me and forget to use the code and hit "submit order" and then try to back up to enter the code you forgot... it doesn't work..)

I thought I would share with  you my top 3 tips for getting the most out of the sale.  (You might want to know that when I checked my phone to see what pictures I had to inspire a blog post, the only recent ones were of my niece and I at the Katy Perry concert on Friday, a very discouraging picture of the way my room looked when I left it last week and one of Coke bottles with my nephews' names on them... not exactly blog post material.... so I decided on this.)

My wishlist is sooo full with all the great products I have seen.  I spent time yesterday going through my list and looking carefully at what I wanted to purchase.  Right now I usually buy things I'll need through the fall.  That means back to school, classroom design and set up, fall items, and of course - clipart!!  And don't forget - after the back to school rush comes Halloween, fire safety, Thanksgiving... don't get stuck on just beginning of school items!  I also found a few products on my wishlist that I had completely forgotten about!  Check your list and see what works for you.  

Feedback = $$$!!!  Go back through your purchases (click the "my purchases" tab at the top of the page) and make sure you have left feedback for everything you have purchased so far.  Feedback translates into TpT credits that you can use for future purchases!  (And please, when you leave feedback, try to say something meaningful.  Just a quick sentence about why you enjoyed the product, how it helped or how you used it in your classroom makes sellers very happy!)  I have over 200 credits to apply to my sale purchases :-)

This a great time to get fantastic products at great prices - and buying bundles during the sale helps you save even more!  I know it's hard to think about spending a larger chunk of money at one time, but sellers usually discount their bundles right off the top - and most include them in the sitewide sales so you can save even more!  I cannot TELL you how many times I have purchased one thing and wished I had gotten the whole bundle.  It is definitely worth your money!

Ok, I admit.  I usually make one set of purchases on the first day of the sale, then come back for more on day 2.  I try to look at what other teachers have purchased (facebook, blogs, instagram) and I always find something I didn't know about before that I just can't live without.  

Just in case you're looking for some things to add to your cart/wishlist, I'm sharing a few of my items that work great for the beginning of school.  Click on any of the items to go to my store and see more about it.
Editable gradebooks for grades K-4

Games and activities for the first few weeks

And a new series - Book Buddies
activities and ideas for these "start the school year" stories

Happy shopping!
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