Teacher Week with Blog Hoppin' ~ Who?

Ready for some fun?  This week is Back to School Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin!  You get to spend all week learning more about your favorite bloggers.  Here's the schedule:

So let's get started!

We'll start with the basics.
I live in a small "city like" town in CT.  I've lived ere all my life and I love it.  I couldn't imagine being somewhere where it doesn't snow, rain, get hot or have the leaves turn colors.  Even though I complain about those things on a regular basis!  I am starting y 21st year of teaching this year, almost all of it in second grade.  I still cannot believe I am one of the most "experienced" teachers at my school.  I still look at myself as a young, new teacher... amazing.

I am very close to my two nephews and my niece.  All of them are in high school this year, and my oldest nephew will be a senior.  As in will graduate in June.  And leave.  And go to college.  I am not dealing with that very well.  I helped to raise these kids so they are very much like my own.  And while I am so proud of what a wonderful young man he has become, I still think of him as the little boy who clung to me on the playground.  Sigh...

I am a school supply addict.  Just the other day I went into Staples to get something - and came out with $50 worth of highlighters, pads, paper... and actually forgot to get what I was going in there for!  I have more post it notes - in all colors - than you can imagine.  It's my way of organizing things.

As you read on, you will see that while I have done some wonderfully fun things in my life, I really do prefer to stay close to home.  That being said, it would be so cool to see lions and zebras and giraffes and visit Africa.  But seeing as I can't travel anywhere without dealing with major motion sickness, I don't plan on doing it.  

Now that you know a little about me, here are some other fun facts:

That about does it!  I hope you've learned a little more about me and my happy little life.  Tomorrow I'll be back with Day 2 and we'll take a look at where I spend my days.  Don't forget to hop on over to Bloghoppin' and read a little more about everyone else.
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