Anchor charts.... the reality

It all seemed so easy.  This year I was going to finally create useful, practical and of course beautiful anchor charts to use in my classroom.  I researched, and read books

I pinned tons of model charts

and I read blog posts and websites and more...

Intervention     Making the Most     Tips & Tricks

I was ready.

And then, this happened
Yes, people... this is my first attempt at creating an anchor chart... IN class... WITH my kids... 

This. Is. Bad.

I obviously need some help.  I need to reread those books... and those blog posts.. and maybe someone should stage an intervention...but wait...

I can't throw this chart away.  I have to hang it up in the room for everyone who comes in to see... why?  Because my kiddos actually LIKE this chart!  They USE it!  One little one told me, "This doesn't have to be a rough draft.  (that was my way of saving face as I saw this going downhill fast.) It looks great and we made it together."

Together.  TOGETHER.  Oh goodness.  It didn't matter to them that the lettering looked awful... that the coloring (they did it) was a mess... or that it wasn't full of cute pictures, bright headings and gorgeous printing... We made it TOGETHER and that's what they remember.

If I had pulled out a ready made chart and just showed it to them, I doubt it would have had the same impact.  No one but me would have been invested in it.  But since we created it together, one step at a time, as we talked about what story elements are, they got it.

And they refer to it all. the. time.  Some still go up to it and read it when we do an activity in which they need to know those elements.... some just look up at it from their work spot and confirm they are on the right track... others don't even need it.  But it is there.  Hanging proudly in the front of my room.

We made it together, you see.

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  1. You are way too hard on yourself...I think your chart looks pretty good. Not everything has to be Pinterest worthy, to be meaningful

    Luv My Kinders

  2. I love your chart! And, as your kiddo pointed out, the class made it together.
    Laughter and Consistency


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