Giving Back

Teachers are wonderful people.  We are constantly giving of ourselves - to our students, our families and our friends.  I think it is just part of who we are.  Here is just another way to show that.  I'm linking up with many fantastic teachers from TpT for a day of Giving Back, tomorrow, Dec. 14.

Everyone who participates is donating a portion of their earnings from that day to a charity or organization that is special to them.  I am donating all my earnings that day to the Special Olympics.  (Who, as it turns out, is matching donations dollar for dollar through Dec. 31!)  My brother has Down's Syndrome and Special Olympics has allowed him, from the time he was little through now as an adult, to share in the fun of sports.

My family always went to all his events and tournaments - every year was special.  I do have one memory that I always think of, though.  My brother plays soccer and for many years when he first started playing, he wouldn't move from his "spot."  Other players would come running by with the ball - but he would stay right there, guarding his spot.  It really was kind of funny, and the coaches and the other families would laugh and say what great defense he had, because no one was going to mess with is spot!

Well one day the game started and sure enough, my brother defended his place on the field.  Knees bent, hands on his legs, ready to defend.  The ball got kicked in his direction.  AND HE MOVED!  And not just a little - he got the ball and started kicking up the field toward the goal.  I'm going to tell you, I have tears in my eyes just typing this.  The excitement in the stands and on the field that day was not because he was going to score  goal.  As a matter of fact, I don't remember if he really did or not.  (I called my Mom to see if she remembered this.  She said he didn't score a goal, but she immediately knew the time I was talking about!) But all those families and players and coaches who had spent so many hours, weeks and for many of us - years - attending these events.... to see my brother run down the field kicking that soccer ball was like he had won an Olympic medal.  They got it.  That's what Special Olympics is about.

I'm sure others in the stands thought we were crazy, cheering and yelling so hard for some who just seemed to do what he was supposed to do, but we knew how big that moment was.  I've gone to many Special Olympics events over the years and probably witnessed many more times like that for other families that I don't even know about.  But I'll never forget that feeling.

So.... if you're looking for some last minute holiday activities to do with your students before the break, or if you're already planning for when we come back in January, stop by my store and check out a few of my resources.

100% of everything I earn on Dec. 14 will be donated to the Special Olympics.  TpT has been a blessing and given me so much.  It's nice to give back.

Take a look at more sellers who are Giving Back on Sunday.

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  1. That's amazing that your donations are getting matched! What a great story too - gave me happy goosebumps :)

  2. Lisa-Your post was touching. You remind me a lot of my nephew Spencer. He is just the most amazing big brother to Carson, and always, always helps with a smile. He does not mind that he doesn't get to do this or that or has to help Carson with x, y, or z. He is a protector and model for Carson, and we are just so proud of the leader he has become. I am teaching fourth and fifth, but I'm going to drop by and see if you have anything in your store that might be helpful to my level of students. So glad I got to read your story.


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