Favorite Things Giveaway

A quick question for you - if you had to list 5 of your favorite things, what would they be?  (And let's put family, friends, etc. aside for now - we know those are tops!)

Mine are (in no particular order):
1. office supplies (there's nothing better than new pens, sticky notes, folders.. aaahhh...)
2. my hot chocolate maker (I use that thing 3-4 times a week and I LOVE it!)
3. boots and scarves (staples of my winter wardrobe here in the Northeast)
4. my iphone6 (don't let me family know about that one - I swore I would never give up my 4S!)
5. my niece's new dog (dachshund and chihuahua mix - adorable!)

Of course, these are all subject to change with the seasons and new additions but for right now that' a pretty good list.  And to celebrate our favorite things, I've gotten together with a few bogging buddies for a Favorite Things Giveaway!  Ashlyn over at The Creative Classroom is hosting the giveaway.


The winner gets a whole stash of our favorite things, from pens  to gift cards to TpT products.  You can enter by clicking on the image above and visiting The Creative Classroom.  The giveaway ends this Monday at midnight, so don't wait!  Winners will be announced on Tuesday.

What will I send you?  Flair pens and sticky notes, of course - and a choice of any of my nonfiction units in my TpT store.  And just to add to the fun, anyone who leaves a comment below sharing 3 of their favorite things will also have a chance to win one of my nonfiction units :-)  I'll choose a random comment Tuesday evening (let's say after 6:00 EST).  Don't forget to leave your email in the comment, too!

UPDATE:  Congratulations to comment #1!
Good luck - and I hope you get to enjoy some of your favorite things this weekend!

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  1. Three of my faves are colored pens, throw blankets, and cinnamon raisin bagels.

  2. #1 I love the purple Pilot gel pen.
    #2 sunrises /sunsets at the beach.
    #3 holding my hubby's hand.
    I hope I win!!! I love all types of pens!!! I am a recovering pen-o-holic!!!!!


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