Wordless Wednesday - Classroom Coupons

Time to link up again with Christina from Sugar and Spice for

The biggest thing our classroom now?
I gave these coupons out for Christmas.  You should have seen the excitement!  They are for things like choosing the brain break, being at the end of the line, time on the ipad, etc.  Easy-peasy for me but BIG rewards for my kiddos.  It's fun to see each one's "strategy" - some have used one every day since we came back from break, others are saving them until later in the year... one kiddo asked if he could trade with someone else!  Although I used these for Christmas, they'd be great for Valentine's Day, too!  Just another example of how its the little things that matter most :-)
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  1. This might be the perfect thing to bring out for the second half of the year! Thanks for the idea, Jen

  2. I love these coupons!! Great idea.

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