Happy Sunday, friends - and happy spring! I'm planning for a week of bunnies and baskets and bright colored eggs, even though we're set to get snow tomorrow and may not even be in school! You've gotta love New England!

We're finishing up our money unit in math this week and I'm going to send my kiddos on an egg hunt - money style! 

I'm filling plastic eggs with different amounts of coins, and then hiding them around the room. When the hunt begins, everyone tries to find an egg! After each egg is found, students carefully open the egg, count the coins and write the amount on their recording sheet. (The eggs are labeled A-X to match the sheet.) Then they must put the egg back right where they found it, so someone else can find it!

This activity is great for differentiation. Just use different colors for certain amounts. For example, green and yellow eggs do not contain quarters, but red and blue eggs could have any amount up to half dollars. Have groups of students look ONLY for their color eggs.

Once student have found all the eggs, I leave a few answer keys out so they can check their work. Got an incorrect answer? Find that egg again and recount!

You can grab the recording sheet I use HERE (or click on the image below).

I'm also putting out some BUMP games with an Easter theme. Money, place value and basic facts all need review this week! (The games are in my store HERE.)

It's going to be a short week, but a fun one! Have fun!

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