TPT Back to School Sale

It's here! It's finally here! Teachers Pay Teachers is having their back to school sale this Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 1 and 2! My wishlist is overflowing with good stuff and I'm excited to be adding to my resources for my new first graders! (Not to say that I haven't already been shopping this summer... but we won't talk about that...)

I'm joining in the back to school fun and putting my entire store on sale for 20% off - including bundles! Bundles, my teacher friends, are where the HUGE savings are during the TPT sitewide sales. Let me explain.

What exactly is a bundle? It's a group of similar products available for purchase at one time - at a cheaper price. For example. I bundled all my "Writing Workouts" for the year into one file. If you purchased all of them separately, you would spend $30.00. But if you buy the bundle (at any time, not just during the sale), you spend $24.00 - a $6 savings.  Most sellers price their bundles at a 20% discount compared to purchasing each of the items on their own.

But here's where the sale can save you BIG! During the TPT site-wide sales (there are usually 4 per year), most sellers have their stores at 20% off - INCLUDING BUNDLES! So my Writing Workouts bundle that would cost $24.00 normally (still a good savings), will only be $19.20 during the sale (you've saved almost $5!). But wait! We're not done yet!

If you use the sale code, BESTYEAR, when you check out, you save another 10% on all your purchases! That brings the total cost of the bundle down to just over $17.00 - that's almost 50% off what it would cost to buy everything separately!

See? Even though a bundle may seem like an expensive investment (and who are we kidding, teachers are always thinking about how much they spend!), they are an absolute STEAL during the TPT sales. Check out your favorite sellers and do the math on those bundles. It really is worth the price!

Here are some of my bundles - all 20% off for the sale - and how much you can save with the sale and the code compared to buying each resource separately. (Don't forget to use the code! Make a sticky note somewhere! I've checked out before and forgotten to use it - ugh!!!)

How else can you save? Leave feedback! That's right. Did you know that you can earn credits by leaving feedback to be used to buy even MORE great stuff? Here's how:

Go to your "My Purchases" page in your TPT account. (Try not to look at the total number of purchases. It can be scary!) See where it says, "Provide Feedback"? Click on that and leave a rating and comment about the product. What did you like about it? How did you find it useful? Every time you leave feedback, you get credits in your account. You get one TpT Credit for every dollar you spend on TpT. Every 100 Credits is worth $5 that you can apply towards future TpT purchases. I save up all my credits and use them during the sales. Free money to spend!

Are you ready to shop the sale! Head over to Teachers Pay Teachers and clean out your wishlist! And if you need a little more help in the spending department, visit me on Instagram and check out my giveaway. You (and a friend!) could win a $10 TPT gift card and $10 to use in my store. But you've got to be quick - I'm choosing a winner at 9pm EST Monday night! Happy shopping!

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