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It's bacccccckkkkk!  August has finally arrived.  It is amazing to think that in just a few weeks I'll be back in the classroom all day with my kiddos instead of sitting on the deck with my feet up reading my kindle all day... ok, maybe not all day... but that's what summer is about, right?

I know that some of you are already BACK in school.  Blah... I can't even imagine.  Of course, you'll all be glad for that come May when I'm sitting here with more than a month left and YOU'RE reading your kindle...

It never really seems like a new year on Jan. 1 when everyone starts talking about what they're going to improve... what they want to stop doing... or start doing.... At that point, I'm always thinking - "I'm right in the middle of my year!  Too crazy to start changing things now..."  So, my resolutions come more at this time, when it's back to school... which leads me to some fun...
(Is that not the cutest graphic?  It's my first try at creating an image like that... thanks to Krista at Creative Clips for the stars and frame, and to Jen at Hello Literacy for the perfect fonts!)

What are 3 resolutions you have for this coming school year?  Anyone.... anyone?  Ok, I'll start:

1.  Clean out my file cabinets and THROW AWAY what I don't need...

this includes papers and folders that I have not touched in years... like from our old math program (the 3rd one back... not the new one we just got this year).... I tend to clean by just taking things out and putting them back nicely.  Nope, no way, not this time..... roll out the big garbage pail, people... I'm cleaning out! (and btw... that is not really a picture of my cabinet... nope... of course not...)

2.   I'm going to implement "Closing Circle" in my classroom this year.  I do Morning Meeting in my classroom    It becomes such an important part of our day that the kids really look forward to it to set the tone for the day,  The end of the day however... not such a calm tone.... what with announcements, packing up, Sammy don't forget your lunch box.... Sammy, your lunch box.... Did Sammy leaves his lunch box again?  I really would like to end the day on a better note. 

Introducing - "Closing Circles" from Responsive Classroom.  The book makes it sound so wonderful... students in a circle, already packed up and ready to go... calmly and enthusiastically sharing things from their day and doing an organized activity together.... what better way to end the day?  Ok, I know it won't work like that from day 1.... I have lots of work to do to get to that point, but I really WANT to get to that point so I'm excited to try it.  You can click on the book image above to go to the Responsive Classroom site and find out more about it.  Have you done this in your room before?  Any helpful hints to share?

3. (I have to admit... I got stuck here for a moment.)  Ahem.... #3 is try to get some kind of exercise everyday... I know, that one was a let down... but I'm not getting any younger you know.. and as the snarky doctor explained out at my last check up "as we get older, out bodies don't deal with stress as well, so exercise everyday is important."  Who said I had stress?  Have you been in my school?  We have a no stress school.... and of course there is no stress in the rest of my life either... and just what do you think I do all day in a roomful of second graders...??

Now don't get the wrong idea here - I'm not THAT old... I might not even BE old in some people's eyes... let's just say I am getting old-ER and my penchant for daily trips to the gym to be toned and svelte seems to have disappeared in the past couple of years.... (it was much easier to just buy a bigger size bathing suit for the summer than go to the gym all the time anyway....)

Soooo.... even if I can't go to the gym, I'm going to go for a walk or something... get my body moving and my mind relaxing... I'll let you know how that one works out...

Now it's your turn!  Snag the button and join the linky to share your "School Year Resolutions", or if you don't have a blog, leave  a comment below.  I'm excited to see what everyone else's goals are for the year!

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  1. I love your blog post. I need to look into the Closing Circles idea. I do not have 3 goals in my post. I would also add cleaning out the team bookshelves as one that I hope to conquer this week. And #3, doing a much better job with my daily documentation.
    My blog link has a little freebie for organizing papers in your classroom, if you'd like to check it out.

  2. As a coworker of yours, I might have to fight you for the huge, rolling garbage can!!! Because... GOAL ONE is to purge old/unneeded materials since I will be in 3rd grade from now on. Then I want to reorganize with all the extra space I free up. (2) I want to implement Daily 5 and possibly Daily Math Rotations. (3) Write and implement some organized language units that align with the CCSS. ~Jan

  3. Lisa, it is so nice to find your blog. I tried to email you the Cupcake set, but it keeps bouncing back - can you email me from an alternative email and we will try that :) - Mel


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