One Little Word for 2014

I'm back for one more post for 2013.... oh where has the year gone?  I'm linking up with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for a final My Truth Monday (even though it's halfway through Tuesday already)... cut me some slack, please - I'm still in my pajamas over here...

Which brings me to the link-up.... what is my one little word for 2014? 
I shared with you in another post, the excerpt from a James Patterson book that really does sum up what 2014 needs to be for me...  I have so much on my plate - and I like it that way :-) - but I need to find a better way to balance everything... and to remember that although school, TpT, blogging and all that other "stuff", while it is important.... is not what really matters in the long run.

Visit Denise to see some other "one words" and maybe get inspired for 2014!

I also want to share that launching tomorrow, there's a brand new collaborative blog in town - and I'm so excited to be a part of it!

Whos' Who and Who's New brings together almost 30 great teachers and creators from teachers Pay Teachers in one place.  There's set to be a new blog post every day of 2014, so be sure to check it out!
Speaking of new friends (see how I did that?  nice transition, thank you)... I'm also joining up with Simply Kinder for a "share your blog" linky.  Now how did she know I was sitting in bed last night with my ipad thinking that I needed to find some new blogs to follow?
Click on the image to visit her link-up full of blogs you might not know.  The new year is a great time make new friends!
One last thing for the last few hours of 2013 - no one likes a sale better than me (just take a look in my closet!), sooooo....
(graphic shared by Primary Inspired)

I'm putting my whole store on sale for today and tomorrow to celebrate the beginning of 2014.  I just uploaded my winter centers and some fun math card games... stop by and take a look!  I know I'm not the only one having a sale, so you might be able to take a few things off your wishlist!
I wish everyone a Happy New Year and wonderful things to come in 2014!

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