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Hi again!  Just a quick little post today to link up with the girls at Teaching Trio for their Sunday Scoop.  It's a great way to catch a little glimpse into everyone's lives - which of course right now is all about school and teaching!  Here's my scoop -
I'm sure some kind of planning is on everyone's list for today.  I know I shouldn't wait until today to plan, but I was never able to feel comfortable getting everything ready by Friday.  I tend to change things on a whim and I'm always way happier with my plans on Sunday night than I was on Friday!

Now, the laminator.... oh the laminator.  Would you believe that a few weeks ago I actually bought a second laminator to use, thinking it would be so much faster to have two going at once.  Little did I know that the SECOND laminator would soon be my ONLY laminator, seeing as I didn't follow the directions.  I know you aren't supposed to cut the sheets before you feed them through, but I only had one little thing left to laminate and I didn't want to use a whole sheet just for that.  And I've done it before.  I cut it, slide it in, and help it come out the other end.  Only this time it never came out he other end.  Not even after I ran a piece of cardstock through there to push it out.  I have a feeling that it melted to the roller.  I'm not willing to give it up though, so I'm going to take it apart and see if I can save it.  Ugh.

The grocery shopping is self-explanatory.  I simply cannot survive on another lunch of lettuce, dressing and parmesan cheese.  Time to go shopping.

And hopefully, time to work on blog post #2 about anchor charts.  I got a few really sweet emails about my first post (click HERE) from people who were concerned I was too hard on myself.  It's ok, really.  I know everything doesn't have to look perfect to be important and useful in a classroom.  That was the point of the post, actually.  I'm going to follow up with some tips that have worked for me to make using anchor charts (and creating them) a little easier.

I'm also hoping to finally make the labels for my gradebook.  My school went to standards based report cards so it's important for me to have a gradebook that shows each standard.  I have all the pages done, everything tabbed, but I need to add the labels.  And I know I can just hand write them on the little white piece that come with the tabs... but that just wouldn't look good, now would it? 

I AM looking forward to hitting "publish" on this post and go take out all my fall decorations for the house.  I love the colors of fall, the scents, the activities.... but not the temperatures.  I get cold fast and I tend to be cold from now until next May.  But, fall is just so pretty, and living in New England I get to experience it in all its glory.

Be sure to visit Teaching Trio and get the scoop on what other bloggers are doing this weekend. 

 Have a great week!

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