Five for Friday - long weekend style!
Hey there!  It's Friday (ok, it's really Saturday... but just pretend, ok?) and that means it's time to link up with Kacy from Doodlebugs to get the scoop on what went on this week.

We REALLY needed some practice with our doubles, so I created a grid on the floor with the sums of doubles 2-10.  We played games all this week as our morning meeting activity to practice those pesky doubles facts.  We rolled the dice and jumped to the answer.... tossed beanbags, and played hopscotch.    I also gave everyone a doubles fact for the day - each person was responsible for knowing their fact.  We lined up by facts, transitioned to the rug by facts, and sometimes I just called out "14's stand up!"  I do think most of us know those doubles by heart now!

(And yes, I know there are FOUR different colors of tape there.  I ran out of black, so I used red, which I also ran out of, so I had to go with yellow... which as you can see, I didn't have enough of either.  Arrgh!  That's what happens when you come up with ideas in the shower that morning!)

We had our annual Fire Safety assembly on Thursday.  Our local fire department comes to talk with the kids and show them their equipment, we watched a video and then the best part - out to look at the fire trucks!  Everyone got to walk through the ambulance and the kids were SO excited to watch Mr. Firefighter climb up that ladder.  If you're still looking for fire safety activities, you can check out my throwback post HERE.

Friday was "Free Your Feet" day!  Our school had earned enough Husky paws to reach our first goal and the reward was a day without shoes.  I wonder what our next goal and reward will be?

Can you see it?  Fall has arrived!  (I did not take this photo as I was driving  I pulled over and took it from the side of the road.  For some reason the angle makes it look like I'm in the middle of the road!)  The leaves are definitely starting to turn and we spent the last two weeks working on fall fiction stories.  Next week we'll start nonfiction - bring on the apples and pumpkins!

And of course, what would fall be without high school football?  My nephew is a senior this year, and even though he was injured during he first game of the season and can't play anymore, we still go to all the games, of course!  I am someone who is ALWAYS cold.  I'm cold from October through the middle of May, so I'm always looking for fashionable ways to stay warm.  Here's my latest find - boot socks!  They are warm and cozy and I LOVE the cute little lace and buttons at the top.  I also have a pair of tan knitted ones that are thicker.  LOVE!  (I got them from Grace and Lace, - click HERE - who actually were featured on Shark Tank.)

Next week we have a 3-day school week.  Monday off and a teacher day on Tuesday.  I'm planning on using this weekend to catch up on everything I've let go since school started.  Enjoy the weekend!
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