Back to School - a blog post bonanza!

It's back to school time! I know many of you have already started the new year with your kiddos, and some of you (like me!) are getting close. The beginning of the year is a stressful time for teachers. We are thinking about classroom set up, classroom management, grading and so much more! I have lots of blog posts that are useful at the beginning of the year, so rather than having them all scattered everywhere, I thought it would be helpful to put them in one place.

You can click on each image to go to the post. These tips and ideas and resources (and freebies!) have helped me get a handle on the beginning of the year craziness that we all experience. Whether you're a new teacher looking for help or an experienced teachers looking for new ideas, check them out!

Classroom management is THE first thing on everyone's minds at the beginning of the year! This blog series starts with how to build a philosophy on which to base everything you do. Other posts include mistakes not to make, ideas for incentives and things to do right away for a smooth running classroom.
Speaking of classroom management, creating rules and teaching routines and procedures is one of the MOST important things you can do at the beginning of the year. (And it doesn't hurt to review things part way through, as well!) I share books I love, games and activities we do and ways to practice the rules in a fun way.
Don't let that stack of papers to be graded overtake your desk - and your life! I've discovered a few tips and tricks that make grading sooo much easier, and still let you get the most information out of what you see.
Have you thought about trying flexible seating? Have you already made the jump? Check out a few options I chose to try and see how they worked. There is no right way to do flexible seating. See what works for me and how I make it all fit the needs of my classroom.
Morning meeting is without a doubt my favorite time of day! I get to know my students, they learn about each other, we start the day on a positive note and even fit in some social and academic skills. This blog series is FULL of ideas for greetings, group activities, sharing and more!

I hope you find something useful in these posts that you can take back to your classroom and make your own. Even though the beginning of the year is crazy and stressful, it is a time of new beginnings! Have a great year!

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