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Happy Sunday! Just thought I'd pop in for a minute and share what I'm up to today.  I'm linking up with Teaching Trio (who, by the way, got a whole new blog design since I lasted visited them and it's fantastic!) for The Sunday Scoop!

I am happy to say that my "have to's" are actually all done! (I may have decided to link up this week just to be able to say I accomplished something! :-) I just uploaded "Rock the Rules" to my TpT store. Ever have one of those projects that just kept getting bigger and bigger? It's over 100 pages of goodness all about getting those rules down in the first few weeks of school.  TONS of graphic organizers... enough said.  (You can click {HERE} if you want to check it out.) As for paying bills, also enough said.... but what did I ever do before online banking, I ask you?  I also reviewed a huge resource for another seller which is going to be wonderful!

My "hope to's" include a lake boat cruise.  Don't get too excited... it's a very small lake and those of us oldies like to troll along the edge of the lake in the evening... we started calling it the "dinner cruise" and it kind of stuck.  Given that it's about 100 degrees right now (finally some summer weather!), being on the water will be nice. Before that, I hope to get my "to do" list done for the week. I find that by writing down what I want to do, I get more done.  And that includes shopping trips to Target, etc.

I am very happy to be still enjoying my summer! I've said it before, but I know that many of you are already in back-to-school mode, and although my teacher brain never really shuts off, it's nice to know I don't HAVE to think about school just yet.

Be sure to head over to Teaching Trio and check out what everyone else is up to this summer Sunday. And while you're clicking around, go over and visit one of my very good friends who is celebrating her one year "blogiversary" today! Leave her some love and grab the great freebie she has to celebrate!

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  1. Thanks for the mention and for celebrating my blogiversary with me!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Love 'keep enjoying summer'! When I get closer to school, I tend to forget to have fun! Thanks for the reminder!


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