Change is Good

Happy Sunday, teacher-friends! Are you enjoying your summer - or just waiting for it to start, like I am? One more week and I'll be in summer mode. Except.... my mind is full of ideas and thoughts for next year! I know teachers do that all the time, but I have a special reason to be thinking ahead - I'm moving grade levels next year!

Before I tell you which group of littles I'll be joining, I wanted to share some thoughts on the prospect of change. I know many of you are changing grade levels, or schools, or districts next year. And for some of you it is by choice.... for others, the change is not so welcome.

 I've taught second grade now for almost 20 years. I looped with my kiddos from second to third for a while, then when back to straight second. But for all intents and purposes,, I've always thought of myself as a second grade teacher. A good one. I know the grade level. I know the kids. I know the curriculum. And even though I like to change things up every year, I really didn't have to think about what I was doing.

And therein lies the problem. I didn't have to think. I was just floating around. Enjoying life as the years moved by. But there was a catch. I was moving.... but I wasn't growing. And don't we always tell our students the importance of growing? We talk to them about taking chances and moving forward and not being afraid of change... and here I was not really living what I was saying.

I started talking with my principal about leaving second grade. He thought it was a great idea. I was terrified. Second grade was all I'd ever known. What if I wasn't good at another grade level? Then he asked me... Are you afraid that you won't be good, or afraid because it's different?

Pause. Thinking.... I know I am a good teacher. I love to teach - anything and everything. I connect with my students, try new things in the classroom, learn what each kiddo needs and use it to help them grow. Being a good TEACHER doesn't change depending on what grade level you are at. WHAT I teach may be different, but HOW I teach is still the same. 

I've been teaching for so many years now... but I' not ready to leave the classroom. I love trying new things, and seeing what works. And even though there are things in education now that I may not agree with... I'm not ready to leave. But it is time for a change.

Soooooo..... I am excited to share that starting next year, I'll be opening a new chapter in my teaching book and moving to FIRST GRADE! I must admit, I taught first grade my first two years of teaching. And I loved it. I have been so excited to share this news for a while now! Some of you have caught hints of the change on my Instagram and Facebook posts. But now I'm making it official!

I'll still be posting ideas and creating resources for second grade. But I'm excited to be jumping in to a new chapter with my firsties! (I love being able to say that :-) Second Grade Stories isn't going anywhere.... I'm just opening a new book!


  1. Your future firsties will be so blessed to have you as a teacher. Looking forward to updates!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Congratulations on the change! You are right, sometimes we all need a change in order to grow.

    Teaching Tidbits and More with Jamie

  3. Thank you for writing this. I was told I have to move grade levels this fall and I am still not handling it very well. I am embarrassed to say that. But everything I love about teaching is specific to kindergarten (at least that is how it seems). I am hoping I can get myself together and make it an awesome year!


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