Groundhog Day books and activities

Groundhog Day is coming soon! I'm always on the lookout for new books and new ways to use them. Here are 3 books that are great for Groundhog Day fun!

These two books are perfect for comparing and contrasting characters and events. Substitute Groundhog, by Pat Miller, and Groundhog's Day Off, by Robb Pearlman, both revolve around Groundhog trying to find a substitute to do his yearly duty. One by one, the other animals discover they are just not cut out for the job, and Groundhog realizes that only he can fulfill the requirements of Groundhog Day.

After reading both books, you can create a chart with the students showing how the story elements are the same and different in each story. How does Groundhog react to the thought of each animal taking his place? How does that compare to the other story? Whether you choose to do a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the stories, or a simpler statement of how the stories are the same and different, these two books allow you to dive in to the standard while keeping with the groundhog theme!

Looking for nonfiction books on groundhogs? Many students know what Groundhog day is, but they don't have much information on exactly what a groundhog IS. Once again, Gail Gibbons comes to the rescue with her informational book about these creatures.

I like to supplement the reading of this book with real photos of groundhogs. Students can search for facts, find the main idea of each section, discuss text features such as diagrams and close-ups, and learn more about the life of a groundhog. Before reading, create a list of questions students have about groundhogs. Add new questions as you read. (Use a different color). After reading, ask students to think about other questions they still have.

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